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Sunday, 30 September 2012

X factor

X factor is currently on TV, who will win this year? It's always interesting to speculate. Feedback with ideas.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Rock of Ages the musical

A blog about rock music contemporary.It is also about learning to play instruments and joining pop groups,singing.Development of contemporary music etc Rock of ages the new musical with Tom Cruise looks like its going to be a big success I will post a clip in my next post

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Isle of Wright Music festival review

A blog about rock music contemporary.It is also about learning to play instruments and joining pop groups,singing.Development of contemporary music etc So the Isle of Wright Music festival had some heavy traffic. I can remember being stuck in Glastonberry in the 90's similar thing happened. Got stuck for 3 days, luckily in A VW Camper with cooker etc.

Friday, 1 June 2012

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Amy Winehouse

A blog about rock music contemporary.It is also about learning to play instruments and joining pop groups,singing.Development of contemporary music etc

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Beyonce Video

A blog about rock music contemporary.It is also about learning to play instruments and joining pop groups,singing.Development of contemporary music etc

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hindi Rock

Indie-rock Songs to Spice up Your First Dance

Every part of a wedding takes careful planning. From the ceremony, to the women's rings to the men's ring to the flowers to the appetizers you serve before dinner, everything has to be thought out to the smallest detail months before the ceremony begins. But what about the first dance? Isn't that important to? While many couples might go for the standard slow R&B or soft rock 80's song, some might want to "hip it up" a bit and dance to something a bit more contemporary. There are a lot of great songs are there in the indie rock universe, why limit yourself? Here are a few interesting songs to consider when trying to pick that perfect song.

"I Will Follow You into the Dark"- Death Cab For Cutie

Sure, it's a song about death. On the surface that doesn't sound like an ideal first dance song. But if you listen to the lyrics it's also one of the deepest songs about love and commitment to come around in quiet a long time. It's a song about loving someone so much that you want to spend eternity with them. What is more romantic then that? P.S. It's also an easy song to dance to.

"P.S. You Rock My World" (Live Country Version)- The Eels

Like most of The Eels songs, "P.S. You Rock My World" is a song rooted in tragedy. Then again, it's also a song about hope following a bad time in one's life. Regardless, it's an absolutely beautiful song would fit well into a first dance. If you can get your hands on it, there is a live version of this song that features a country-ish vibe complete with slide guitar. It might work a little better in a dance then the acoustic tinged album version.

"Crown of Love" -The Arcade Fire

Great song- probably the most "danceable" song in the Arcade Fire repertoire. The problem is, it's kinda of a downer lyrically. There are cover bands that have done instrumental versions of "Crown of Love", so if you can track it down it might be worth it.

"Gymnast High Above the Ground" - The Decemberists

The Decemberists are one of the most theatrically-sounding bands in the indie-rock universe. Yet "Gymnast High Above The Ground" is done with an acoustic guitar. It's also beautiful and dance worthy- if you don't mind your first song being a dance to a tale about a gymnast.

The Swell Season- "Falling Slowly"

A great piano and guitar love song. It's an Oscar-winning song about falling in love. Perfect "first dance" bait if you ask me. May be a little hard to dance to, but with some practice it will be perfect.

Author Kimberly Green: Picking the song is as fun as picking the womens and mens rings


Author Kimberly Green: Picking the song is as fun as picking the womens and mens rings

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Lady Ga Ga

Clean and green Environment Leads To Healthy Living

Author: Len Jarosz
Is living clean and green difficult? Well, it can be a little difficult when you are not completely sure how to go about doing it. Some may assume that living green is a complex or difficult process. In the past, it was tough to live green. Other than keeping your energy expenditures down and replacing inefficient appliances, there was little a person could do. Those with significant budgets could procure solar panels for the home. Today, solar panels are not a luxury as they have come down greatly in price. And, thankfully, there are scores of other minor methods that can help improve your home's ability to go green. Some of these other methods are well worth exploring.

For example, did you know that there are organic cleaning agents that can replace many of the traditional chemical detergents that are commonly available on the market? These detergents are made with natural products that do not deliver the problematic fumes that can make the interior of a home unsafe. And, most damaging to the environment is the release of these chemicals into the environment when they are washed down the drain. The impact of such weak disposal on the environment can be significantly enormous. Through using biodegradable and natural detergents, this negative impact will be completely eliminated. These natural detergents are also no where near as expensive as some assume which makes them quite accessible to a variety of budgets.

Sometimes, taking a few basic simple steps is all that is needed to enhance the ability of a home to go green. Purchasing incandescent light bulbs is another simple method for reducing your home's proverbial carbon footprint. Such light bulbs use far less electricity than the traditional light bulb and last much longer. In addition to helping the environment, these light bulbs also help keep you home budget in check!

Then, there is the most common means of making sure a home is green: recycling. Recycling is significantly important to preserving the environment because it is able to reduce a number of problems associated with environmental depletion. Paper, as most are well aware, derives from trees. When you recycle something as basic as a newspaper, you are eliminating the need to need to cut down trees for future paper production. Recycling plastics is something many people will take part in although they may not be completely sure how this improves the environment. The reason it is so helpful is because plastic derives from petroleum which requires oil to product. By recycling plastic, you are reducing the need to deplete oil reserves. This helps keep the environment clean and keeps the price of a barrel of oil low.

Yes, the steps one can take to ensure a home is properly green are no where near as tough as some assume. Simply taking a few basic steps will certainly deliver the results needed to turn your home into an environmentally sound abode. Yes, if you want to contribute to the environment, you can do something about in a rather easy to achieve manner.

OCS Waste is the leading North Carolina Residential and Commericial Trash Pickup company, working alongside Governement organizations to provide services including Document Shredding in the Carolinas and Efficient Recycling services.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Music Technology.

Technology enters the music world

Technology enters the music world

Technology has intercepted in every aspect of human life and has helped in its development a lot. It has even entered the world of music and helped the musicians a lot. The latest step of technology in the world of music is the introduction of iphone. We all know that a band or a musician cannot succeed unless it gets a proper promotion. And for promotion the bands need proper tools, iphone is the best and latest tool used for promoting a band. Most iphones have an application known as RiffRaters in them. This music app help the newly formed bands and solo artists a lot to promote their music and get noticed by people all over the world. Apart from the musical instruments, this is the most important gift of technology to the music world. It has helped thousands of unknown but talented singers to make their name in the pages of famous musicians.

Using the iphone app, RiffRaters you can record your top guitar riffs, keyboard riffs or bass guitar riffs and share them with other iphone users who use this music application. Other iphone users find the tracks that you have shared on their phones. The interested users listen to these tracks and rate them according to their quality. The most rated tracks get superior ranks in the music application of iphone and more people get to listen to these tracks. This is one of the most effective ways of music promotion nowadays. Thousands of iphone users use this application to promote their music and many have already gained popularity among the music lovers.

There are several other technical ways to promote music online, which are also very effective. You can use these ways besides the iphone app RiffRaters. Some of these steps are,

1.Joining social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Twitter, where you can meet hundreds of other music lovers. You can consult about your band with them; ask them for proper ways of music promotion. You can also upload your music videos in those sites so that other people can listen to them.

2.Creating personal website of the band, uploading videos of your composed music riffs, photos, biography of the band members etc in them is a very effective way for promoting music.

3.Uploading your homemade music videos in YouTube is one of the most effective ways for music promotion. Millions of net surfers log on to this website every day and they will surely find yours in the site.

Technology has entered music world quite a long time ago. But the discovery of iphone and its introduction in the music world is the best of all. Many amateur musicians have gained success in the music world by using this iphone app, RiffRaters. If you own a iphone and willing to show your talent to the other iphone users, then rush to your nearest iphone dealer as soon as possible  and get this music app from them. RiffRaters will surely help you to succeed in reaching your goal.

people can find some extraordinary cool riffs like the blues riffs and jazz riffs from the late 60's or 70's in the iphone app.

The 90's music scene.

Music of the 90s - Good or Bad?

Author: JBachmeier
Some have labeled the music of the 90s the worse in history. But others think it some of the best music due to its originality and variety. Which is it?

The 90s was a time of new subgenres, old bands coming back to life and an era of one-hit-wonders. It was a time when hip-hop was displacing metal as the top-selling genre. Subgenres that were being created included things such as rap-rock.  And then there were bands like Creed and Nickelback who were labeled as creating what was called butt-rock, music which focused less on complexity and musical talent and more on radio-friendliness as well as emotional impact on its listeners. And yet, the 90s was the era of pop hits that you either found annoying or loved such as Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice, Macarena by Los Del Rio, and Candle In The Wind by Elton John.

The early years of the 1990s began with a surge in popularity for music genres like techno (often called dance or house music). Groups like Technotronic entered the Billboard charts with big hits like “Pump Up the Jam” and “Get Up (Before the Night is Over)”. Similarly, the hip-hop music scene achieved popularity with artists like MC Hammer and Tone Loc.

Between 1992 and 1993, with the popularity of sexual lyrics dominating the airwaves, alternative music began making mainstream radio. Bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden became common names. Their lyrics were new and words that people who felt outside of society connected to. Songs like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” marked the beginning of the grunge and alternative rock phase that remained popular throughout the mid-1990s. 

The hopelessness that grunge bands sang about started wearing thin by late 1995. And people were looking for something fresh and new, something that felt happy. To fill the niche were bands like Hootie and the Blowfish, Sister Hazel, and The Bodeans. Melodies were upbeat and lyrics were positive. These bands also created a resurgence in songs that dealt with love and relationships through ballads and happier-sounding songs. “All For You” by Sister Hazel was a popular song about the things a person does for another in a relationship while, contrastingly, “Let Her Cry” by Hootie and the Blowfish dealt with a tearful breakup that deeply hurt both people. 

"Happy rock" paved the way for the “bubblegum pop” that followed in the waning years of the decade. Artists such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera quickly dominated the mainstream pop music scene well into the late 1990s and beyond. Surprisingly enough, the sexual lyrics and innuendos also came back in the songs of this era that was one popular in the early years of the decade, but they were more blatant than before. Videos were more sexual in nature as well.

Then there were the boy bands. The Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and N’Sync found a resurgence that older boy bands such as the New Kids on the Block from the late 1980s may have seen. 

Was the 90s a time of great music or confusion? Such a decision may be too subjective to make. Professionals say one can't judge pop music until another generation of kids are born - will they be drawn to it and recreate it or think it is the worse thing they ever heard. Seems like only time can tell.

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit

Jeff Bachmeier is owner of, an online music and online radio station network providing live streaming Internet Radio channels with music from the 50’s thru Today. Users can also choose to create their own customized on demand playlist through their own social media profile. For more information please visit http:///

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Music festival s for 2010


Author: Scott Jamieson

CRANK up the volume on your social calendar this year by jet setting overseas to see your favourite band perform live in another city.

Music fans have kicked off the countdown to some of the world’s best sound-fests, with festival tickets selling fast for the summer staples and a full-house sign already up for Glastonbury.

The team at Student Flights has strung together a Top 10 list of music festivals for 2010, plus a few off-the-radar options for festival junkies.

Student Flights marketing manager Monica Baker said those who are keen to attend an international gig should lock in their airfares sooner rather than later to save disappointment.

“If you are heading overseas for a music festival this year, it is best to book your flights as soon as you know your travel dates to ensure for a better choice of airlines and times,” said Ms Baker.

“Booking early also means you can pocket significant savings, as the cheaper airfares on most major international routes sell first.

Student Flights specialises in round-the-world airfares, which allows travellers to stop in several countries en route to their final destination.


1. Summerfest, Wisconsin
This has to be the world’s largest music festival, held across 11 days on 11 stages. Summerfest, also known as The Big Gig, attracts nearly 900,000 people each year and fills 75 acres of parkland along the lakefront in Milwaukee. It was established in the 1960s and is traditionally held from late June to early July, offering local and international music, along with shopping vendors, comedy acts and fireworks.

2. Glastonbury Festival, England
Glasto, as it is often referred to, is the largest green field music and performing arts festival in the world. The first ever Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts was held the day after Jimi Hendrix died in 1970. Over the years, it has dramatically transformed itself to accommodate all kinds of revellers, from the laid-back muso to the hardcore raver, with designated acoustic areas and dance stages. This year’s event, from June 23 to 27, will be held at Worthy Farm in Pilton and has already sold out.

3. Lollapalooza, Chicago
This eight-stage American gig was first held in 1991 and over the years has provided a platform for immerging rock bands such as Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day. From August 6 to 8 this year, Grant Park in downtown Chicago will come alive with the musical flavours of world class DJs hip hop, live comedy performances and budding youth bands.

4. Creamfields, Manchester
This dance music phenomenon was established by popular clubbing brand Cream in 1998 and is the only festival concept to be successfully to be implemented globally, with tours in the UK, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, and more recently Australia and Abu Dhabi.
In England, the sound-fest is held on the UK’s annual Bank Day Holiday in August.

5. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, California
Better know among frequent festival goers as Coachella or Coachella Fest, this three-day event features an eccentric mix of international artists and bands of all genres, from alternative rock to electronic dance music, plus a display of large sculptural art. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be held at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio this year.

6. Austin City Limits Music Festival, Texas
If you’re into music of all kinds, from acts such as Kings of Leon to Artic Monkeys and Pearl Jam, don’t miss the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Since its inauguration in 2002, this three-day gig has quickly become one of the USA’s premier rock festivals. This year a mixed bunch of music fans will unite at Texas’ Zilker Park to enjoy country, folk, indie, Americana, hip-hop, reggae, and blues from October 8 to 11.

7. Ibiza Rocks, Spain
Reclaim the dance floor and party under the sun at this sizzling summer festival in Ibiza.
This year’s event is held every Tuesday from June 8 to September 14 and is linked to the official Ibiza Rocks Hotel in the heart of San Antonio. Dance fans simply pick their preferred dates and bring along their mates for a good time.

8. Isle of Wight Festival, England
Tap along to the sassy sounds of established jazz artists from both sides of the Atlantic and Europe at the cool and classy gig in the small seaside village of Ventnour. Back in 1970 during its initial days, the Isle of Wight Festival was by far the largest and most recognised festivals, surpassing Woodstock with a killer line up of The Who, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.
This year it will be held from April 9 to 11, is rumoured to feature a line up of emerging talents and attract a younger new jazz audience.

9. Fuji Rock, Japan
Japan’s annual Fuji Rock Festival in the ski village of Niigata is definitely a pop event with a difference. The festival features a mega line-up of international and Japanese talent, not to mention immaculate grounds, great food and some of the most hygienic toilets. This year’s event will be held from July 30 to August 1, 2010 at Naeba Ski Resort in Yuzawa-machi.

10. T in the Park, Scotland
When this Scottish gig started in 1994 as a two-day festival, but as it grew in popularity so too did its durations, and since 2007 has taken place over three days. Large camping sites at a disused airfield in Balado, in Perth and Kinross, accommodate the many festival goers who hang around for the weekend. T in the Park is named after its main sponsor the brewing company Tennents and is promoted by Big Day Out.

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Music downloads

Learn How To Download Unlimited Music!!!

Author: llamas

Online sites are usually favourites sites that get lots of visits from teens and audio lovers. Some sites boast of collections well over a million sound tracks and music files for anyone to obtain onto their transportable digital player. This comes near to their promise of delivering unlimited audio downloads. Downloading on the internet music to play is a great way to fight boredom and to be entertained whilst waiting for your bus to arrive, taking a ride on the train or perhaps waiting for a buddy at the cafe. The concept of obtain music on the internet at places along with vast media libraries is excellent. But we shall see how we too can access to limitless audio downloads.
For iPods, the undisputedly well-known spot for unlimited Music Downloads is iTunes. However other music stores like WalMart, HMV, etc are also coming up strong. WalMart has set their music prices at $.99 mark and this maintains the competitive pressure on other music businesses. These shops offer fantastic range of songs and music. While it is very inexpensive for anybody to obtain several songs from these music stores, it soon becomes obvious that it would not be cheap to build a audio collection.
The great news is new digital music services have emerged to provide lifetime access to unlimited audio downloads for a price lower than $40 to $50. There seems to become a lot more than a dozen of these sites and it could be tough to decide which digital audio service is the best source of music. Music onlookers have envisaged a future for music where audio enthusiasts can download any song they like wherever they're and whenever they want. These obtain services has made this a reality by offering clients the ability to entry unlimited audio downloads to their computer or portable digital player. For a low fee that is a single time, they can obtain even full music albums many times over.
But there are some details that should not be missed when searching for an ideal download service for limitless music downloads. Do check and make sure audio file formats are compatible with your player. It's quite safe if they offer MP3 ready files. Other audio file formats for example WMA, Atrac 3 and AAC are also common formats of audio files compatible with newer MP3 players. It is a norm for these download services to give you movie, video, game and software program downloads on top of limitless audio downloads. So you can afford to select between choices. Pick one using the largest database of media file downloads. After all, you're paying for about the same price at most places.
Clients who have downloaded audio online are rather impressed with the huge selection of music they are able to discover. From classical audio to rock, nearly all music genres can be searched, found and downloaded. Certain download providers require you to download special softwareto download the online music, but you can find several that allows direct audio downloads.
Anyone interested to download great audio online without blowing the budget can visit my audio blog and discover out which are the most inexpensive and reliable download providers for limited download music.

Music Downloads

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Glastonbury 2010 June

Glastonbury registration has opened again to re sell cancelled tickets for the weekend music

Monday, 8 March 2010

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A career in music

How to Get a Job Producing Music

Author: Thomas Floyd

Many people are interested in making their own music. Making music is a very difficult job to pursue. The number one people do not realize is that the types of courses required to have such a job are very hard to get into. However, with a lot of hard work and dedication the dream is definitely attainable. First of all, one will need to search online for different software to use and tutorials on these different programs. Over time one will become confident with the software they use and should be able to produce a simple beat. This may be accomplished with one simple program or with a variety of programs. Usually a drum machine a synthesizer program and a mastering program such as Audacity are all that is needed. Practice is very important in pursuing a career in the production of music. It really is what separates those who made it from those who have tried and failed. You will need to put your passion into action and show people what you have to offer. Also make sure that you are not just relying on college to teach you everything you need to know. Moreover, most courses will ask you to submit some of your own work when applying, so you have to make sure you have something to offer them. These courses are always looking for the best of the best. They are looking for people who really know that they want this career. Practice as much as you can daily and hopefully you will get to the level you want to be at.
Become a Music Producer

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

The new blog on music

I've considering a music blog for some time.Watch this space for great reads and great music links and special offers.